Document Management for EducationalDoes your institute is worried about Documents lost?

Every provost envisioned his/her institute as students engaged in research work and flock of scholars gaining knowledge from instructors. But at times reality is quiet different heaps of document and paperwork is engaging attention and more time from your staff. Papers like tuition bills, financial aid, enrollment applications, transcripts, progress report, housing bills, contracts, answer sheets all these and more contribute to documents are dealt by your staff instead of focusing their limited resources on productive matters. These documents keep on increasing year on year. Every year you are encumber with more paper work so counting minutes you are wasting on tracking all these documents is as important as counting the dollars.

Either you are a multi--Campus University or small a community college, being a head of your institute you must always keep your focus on maintaining a balance between operating costs and the add on responsibilities. At the same time attracting and maintaining a first-class student body while standing by with the strict regulation of student records retention, homeland security information, grant and financial aid submissions, etc. Document Management for Institutes

Docusaver let your organization to :

  • Manage all the paper as easy task. We will take your entire burden by convert all your paper into Digital Document.
  • Access any record, document, application, transcript with a click of a mouse.
  • Diminish the cost of IT resources to manage and support any application.
  • Go green by reducing the waste of paper.




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