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    Fortify Your Business with an Email Backup Service

    In spite of the advent of instant messaging, social media, and other types of digital interaction still email or electronic mail persists to be the main mode of corporate communication. For any kind of organization, there is a need for an efficient and stable email system to carry on daily business operations effectively. In last few years many businesses has ascertained the need for an email backup solutions due to one of the following reason:

     • To comply with industry and government regularizations.

    • To cope up with legal matters for possible legal or litigation requirements

    • To align with business continuity requirement by rising email backup as disaster recovery tool.

    • To keep tabs on email content in conformity with organization email retention policies.

    If in case your enterprise faces difficulty with any of the above-mentioned reasons, it's high time to earnestly consider putting through an email backup system.

    Now it is certain that your business need email protection, but now millions dollar question is which company should you choose and what to look for in the backup service provider as there are many players in the market who claim them to be the trustworthy and providers of services and tools designed to complement email operations. The best way to check the testimonial of their customers.

    In this article we have tried to make a detailed checklist of what to look for in this potentially good service provider:

    1. Performance –Before hiring any services you should test performance of the services given in your environment, at times we make the biggest mistake is to buy without trying it in real world and take a decision on the basis of marketing gimmicks.

    2. Cost – Evaluate email backup cost on the basis of benefits comes with the service. You should do the cost benefit analysis between various service providers and not take a decision only on the “teaser” price per-GB-per-month.

    3. Security – This is the main features that user should concern about. Secure email backup must transfer emails using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) when available. Emails are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This makes sure that emails are in constant protection.

    4. Local & cloud backup capability – Ideal email backup must give the option of local and cloud backup. Local backup gives the freedom to recover the email data in the event of any disaster and cloud backup give the access to view email anytime and anywhere.

    5. Automated email backup – With Automated email backup, it will take the backup automatically on a daily basis without any human intervention. These backups are incremental in nature which means if an email is backed up once then it won’t backed up second time thereby saving the space. Thus, more space to backup more accounts at a lesser cost.

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