Online storage vs Online backup


Online Storage vs Online Backup

There are many online backup services available in the market, at the first instance they all seems to be same but there is a very big question that we normally ignore, Are "online storage" services like Microsoft Skydrive, Dropbox or Google Drive is same as "online backup" services like Docusaver? Genuine and straight answer is, there is a phenomenal difference between Docusaver services and other online services, and they don't actually interchange each other.

Let's learn difference between Online Backup Services and Online Storage.

Online Storage Is Basically Planned for Sharing and Easy Access of Files

Docusaver - Online Backup Service

Have a close look at Dropbox's official website: "Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!"

Microsoft OneDrive is similar: "Store photos and docs online. Access them from any PC, Mac or phone. Create and work together on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents."

Google Drive does mention a word file backup in its definition "Get access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more with Google Drive" but its home page spotlights only three main features:
  • Store files
  • Quickly share them with others.
  • Access them from other devices.

  • Online Backup Is Designed for Automatically Protecting All Your Files

    Online Backup - Automatically File Protector

    On the other side Docusaver is "One of the best unlimited online backup starts for only $6.9/month. Docusaver automatically backs up the data to the secure cloud server." Docusaver has whole range of features: cloud and local backup, security, scalable infrastructure, automation, versioning, users define encryption and block level backup.

    This might seem to be interesting, other online storage services do let the user to remotely access the files and share them on multiple platforms but in reality they are not backup service provider, If file is deleted from the computer then file will be deleted from Google drive, Drop Box, Microsoft SkyDrive but Docusaver let the user to store the file and recover when ever require as most user has main requirement of backup and recovering not file sharing. Hence we can say that Docusaver is true online file storage service provider.

  • Here Are 4 Reasons, Why Online Storage Services Are Not Best Suited for Backups

    If any user plan to stack away copy of data files on the online storage provider like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google drive with a agenda to keep their data secure and able to retrieve them easily if in case your hard drive get lost or crashes, user should be aware of the limitations of online storage services because most of them are set up primarily for sharing, syncing and loss prevention for data storage not data backup. Even NSA Whistleblower in US Edward Snowden denounces Dropbox in the recent past, stating protecting user's information is not a priority for the company.

  • Limited storage potentiality

    All the major online storage services providing free service can store only certain amount of files on their servers. There might be a possibility that user might not backup or store each and every file that user wish to store on online storage due to limited storage --including big audio and video files and archived files of work. Some storage providers also put a cap on the size of files that user can upload and the quantity of data & files user can move around to their services at a given period of time, thus create a hassle to quickly protect all your files. Another issue with using online storage as your main backup tool is if user starts to run out of space on their computer (as happens all too often with the current trend of ever-shrinking hard drives on laptops). In this case you might have to move some files to an external drive, but then those files aren't synced or copied to Dropbox or other online storage providers (and thus they're not backed up). On the other hand, many backup services like Docusaver have scalable infrastructure that let the user save data according to their business requirement, at nominal price and have no file size limits. Thus we can say that such services are designed for expeditiously transferring vast amount of data between backup servers and the user computer. Users do not have to concern about data space.

  • Ease of use.

    There is no question about ease of use for online storage service like Dropbox or Drive, but still have to manually save all the files on one pre-assigned folder on the computer to get them sync with cloud. Many third party software create their own folder where they save the data; in such case those files won't be synced with cloud storage space unless user manually change the save folder location to the syncing folder. Imp Note:All programs won't let the user change the save folder. On the contrast online backup is one time job with services like Docusaver, user has to set the folders one time and don't have to take pain for anything else. Every significant file gets backed up continuously and automatically of its own.

  • Security

    Security is the major concern for everyone. Either you are individual or a company, no one will like some stranger to peek into the sensitive information like tax returns, bank statements or personal photographs. As we know that online storage services are designed for sharing and quick access so they are not 100% secure like backup services, for which preserving the privacy is main agenda. Files stored on Dropbox and Google Drive is encrypted only on the servers. On the other hand online backup services like Docusaver, offer two layer of security, first by encrypting the data with a user define private key that uniquely protects the data and then saving them on encrypted drives.

  • Cost

    Saving the data on paid online storage service without any research can be expensive. Online backup service like Docusaver offer pay per usage plans. This means that users have to pay only for the space consumed and they don't bind their customers on long term contract. Docusaver cloud backup services start from $6.9 per month, which is cheaper compare than cost of one cup coffee.





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