Mac Backup Service


Mac backup Service

Most of the time User has valuable data on their computer Data always have value attached to it, be it emotional - irreplaceable family photographs or monetary - business documents, this is the reason data is always counted as inventory in business world. Data in every case need to be protected. Without any reliable backup system, everyone is prone to data loss in a blink of an eye. Backup for Mac OS Good news is, backup for Mac OS is amazingly simple; user has to set it up only once and enjoy the peace of mind forever. Now we will learn how backup for Mac works, We will learn how to deal with Mac backup service and create full system image of a computing device running on Mac OS using Time Machine and other tools for Mac backups service. Thus user can recover in the event of a virus, accidentally deleted file, computer crash or any other technical catastrophe

I notice an unwanted message on my Mac screen; it's time to Mac backup!

Mac Backup - Mac Screen

Now Back Up Your Mac with Time Machine

Mac OS X (10.5 and above) comes with awesome inbuilt backup utility name as Time Machine. Once set up the Time Machine and you plug in the hard drive, it will automatically run in the background, continuously saving copies of all your applications, data files, and system files for Mac backup. Once Time machine run out of disk space, it will automatically wipe off the old version of the files to create the space for the new one.

Steps are as follows:

  • Plug in an external hard drive to the Mac machine. User preferably needs an external drive 3 to 4 times bigger in space then current Mac's internal drive. Plug in the external hard drive (via FireWire, USB or Thunderbolt, port depending on the drive).

  • Switch on Time Machine utility and choose the back-up destination.

    Mac Backup - Mac Time Machine

    After hooking up the external drive, go to System Preferences > Time Machine and toggle the switch from "Off" to "On." After this go to "Select Disk" button to choose the volume or drive user want to use for backup. Time Machine will give the option to encrypt the backups with a password for protection.

  • Get apprised of old backup deletion or exclude items.
    This step is optional and this "Options" is used for excluding partitions from backup and get notified when old backups are going to be deleted due to shortage of space

  • Let Time Machine do its work.

    These selected volumes or folders, will be backup automatically every hour. Time Machine keeps:
    1. Hourly backups for the past one day.
    2. Daily backups for the past 30 days.
    3. Weekly backups for all previous months.

  • Restore data backed up using Time Machine

    To restore files or folders from Time Machine, go to "Time Machine" to switch to the Time Machine view.

    Mac Backup Services

    Time Machine can restore entire system in Mac backup services by deploying the most recent copies of all your files. While rebooting Mac device, holds down R + Command (?) key together, and release the keys once Apple logo appears. Choose "Restore from a Time Machine Backup."

    One can't blindly trust on Time Machine for full-system Mac backup, if startup disk is spoiled and user won’t be able to boot into Mac machine at all. For such scenarios user need to have complete image of the machine.

  • Create a Bootable Backup for Mac Machine

    A clone image is a precise replicate of the entire computing system. With a bootable clone user can boot within few minutes if Mac machine is having startup problems. Mac OS X's has inbuilt Disk Utility, which can be used to create cloned images of drive, but user can't schedule the backups. User can access third party tool like SuperDuper! Or Carbon Copy Cloner for more features and options.

  • 1. Choose your source and destination volumes with the help of cloning tool. After installing the SuperDuper cloning app, run the app and user need to pick out where to store the backup file. Go to left drop-down menu, select the drive for Mac backup. After that select the destination drive in the right drop-down menu. This will give the option to store the image file on external drive or networked drive.

    Mac Backup - Bootable Backup for Mac Machine

    User can store both Time Machine and cloned images on the same drive, but it is always recommended to first partition the drive into two volumes and stores it separately. Personally, I will advise to have two separate drives, to avoid having all the backups in the same basket.

  • 2. Select the backup script Cloning tool SuperDuper! Offer few inbuilt backup scripts for backing up just few files or all files.

    Mac Backup - Backup Script

  • 3. Schedule your backups User can click on "Copy Now" button to create image, this tool give the option of schedule backups. Click on the "Schedule" button, on this screen user can schedule for later time according to the requirement.

    Mac Backup Schedule

  • 4. Once cloning process is complete Once this process is complete, click "OK". This tool will create bootable copies of your Mac backup on the schedule by default. Imp Note: All above mentioned measures will help to back up the data locally, user are strongly advice to have an online backups at offsite to have full proof protection of data. Backups to an external hard drive or on network won't be of no use if a thief steals external drive or complete network get destroy due to natural disaster.





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