Computer Backup Service

Computer Backup Service

Why One Should Backup Important Files

In today's ever changing environment, backing up your critical files is of utmost importance for business executive to personal computer user. In last few years we have notice that price of digital device with storage capacity i.e Desktops and Laptops have decreased manifolds and storage capacity have increased massively, thus making it feasible to store large chunk of data at one place. Generally family videos, music, photos, data files, project reports, and digital copy of important paper document are stored in computer. Unfortunately storing all of data in only one place can be unsafe.

Computer theft, virus attack, accidental deletion or loss due to natural disaster are just examples that can make you lose the data you’ve created or accumulated over the period of time. The best way to avoid such situation is to have a contingency plan i.e reliable computer backup service make you prepare to avoid any unexpected. There are different options available in the market to backup computer data, and deploying more than one form of backup will bring down the risk of ever losing valuable data.

  • What is Computer Backup?

    It is a process of archiving data so that it can be used to restore to original state in the event of data loss. In the case of computer data, we are citing copies of master data that user have on desktop, laptop, or external HDD. Taking a backup of master data means saving the data file in two different places and ensure that those two places are not on the same kind of medium or device. Let's take an example, if someone made 3 copies of a document file on the same computer, if in case that computer crash, he/she will lose all three files created on that computer. It is important to choose data method and medium wisely while formulating the backup strategy.

  • Can We Use Flash Drive for Backup?

    Technically, yes. We can use flash drive (thumb drive) to save the data and take a backup in them as they are portable, easy to carry, just need "plug and play" to use them. It's easy to share them with others. This makes them an ideal to save small chunk of data like excel, document, presentations or adobe pdf.

    On the flip side flash drive have limited storage capacity means it cannot store large amount of data as needed for computer backup. Apart from this, thumb drive is small so they are more prone to get misplace or lose. It's easy for flash drive to get infected by virus and once data got corrupted due to virus then you're no longer backed up! Flash drive is subject to wear and tear and gets corrupted anytime without any warning. Again making data vulnerable for loss, for all these reasons flash drive is not an ideal way to take a backup of computer.

  • So what is the best option for computer backup?

    It is comparatively less expensive and much easier to take services of any computer backup service provider than trying to retrieve files from crashed hard drive or virus infected thumb drive. If in case hard drive has been lost or stolen then there is no way to recover that data, reliable backups are the only way to avoid such situation. If this seems troublesome, then you have understood the gravity of this problem. The good news is that there are a many options available in the market to help you with this.

  • There are multiple methods to backup the files.

    Manual copies: This is free and most complicated kind of backup. One has to manually rename and copy each and every file to an USB drive or external hard drive, this is not a feasible method as chance of error are quiet high while renaming and deleting the old files. Above all USB drive or external HDD are not reliable medium to store critical data. A good backup system should be easy to operate and automatically perform incremental backup with zero manual intervention after backup system is set up.

    Bootable backup HDD: Bootable backup HDD is a complete clone copy of the computer hard drive. This is something like a spare tire of the car, if one get a flat tire, he/she can immediately replace with the spare one. In the same way if your computer HDD get crashed/corrupted one can immediately replace with a clone drive and boot the computer. Cloning is done on the pre-decided systematic manner i.e once a day at most and more often only once a week depending on the type of data. Of course clone copy will be useful only if it has been recently updated; otherwise latest files might be missing.

    Network Drive: Having a computer backup on the network drive or tape is a good idea but still data is at risk for fire, theft or any other natural disaster. Network drive or tape backup does not provide 100 % protection, for the best result keep the backup somewhere else.

    Cloud backup is the easiest way to create and take backup. It is a child play to operate a cloud backup, no technical knowledge is required. If in case you know how to send and read email, then you can easily manage cloud backup application. To start with, user need to create an account with a service provider, download computer backup software on your computer, installs the software with desire preference like schedule backup or real time backup. This computer backup software automatically take care of all backup worries, it will take the backup any time computer is connected to the Internet.

  • Under the hood cloud backup manage many jobs.

    • Data/files are 128 bit key for password encrypted which means that no other person in the world can ever read your data as secret encrypted key setup by you. This means only customer has the password to decode the data back and files are of no use to anyone else.
    • Cloud backup give the options of cloud and local back up which means user has the freedom to take the backup locally and cloud server.
    • Versioning is possible only with cloud backup.
    • Data is backed up on multiple geographically dispersed data centre On the down side if you lose your entire drive data and need to restore all of your files back. In such a scenario user will be limited by the speed of ISP at which he/she can download from your cloud backup service provider but good news is that these days, we have high speed internet connectivity and user can easily download the files in few minutes or hours depending on the size of file.
  • Which Backup one should opt for?

  • To be on safe side 3-2-1 backup strategy is advised, this implies 3 copies of the data, 2 on-site but on dissimilar
    mediums, and 1 geographically dispersed location. The best way to begin is by holding the master copy of the data, along with a clone hard drive at home, along with a remote solution like a cloud backup provider. If in case users have to choose only one solution to start, then online backup is recommended, for two reasons:

    1. it's difficult to remember to update bootable backup disc on daily basis moreover if your computer system got faulty due to some other reason, a bootable backup or clone disc won't help.

    2. Docusaver computer backup work on "Set it and forget it" mechanism. All you need is active internet connection and leave the computer, Docusaver smart utility will update as needed during the normal use of your computer





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