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    Transitioning to a Modern Day Records Management Vendor

    Shifting a collection of records from legacy based paper & cabinet based record management to modern day record management seems to be a stressful and complicated task. Docusaver has executed many successful transitions of millions of documents and continues to create service excellence in this business. They’ve have come up with 3 principles that should always be followed by service seeker who is moving their records from traditional to modern record management system.

    Step 1 – Select a reliable vendor who can act as service partners:
    Great care must taken when choosing new record management company, there are several factors need to be consider such as security, price and service levels. As part of due diligence, ask new vendor for the document transition plan and also try to ascertain how many cubic feet of paper records they have transposed  or clients they have dealt with. One area that need special attention is record management service provider can meet all your future needs and scale up their operation with the growth of your business & do they have offer services such as secure document destruction.

    Step 2 – Prepare a detailed inventor list of old documents/records that need to be transferred:

    Before proceeding to new records management service provider, take time to check out if you already have existing contract. Look out for auto-renewals if any and find out how many notice are needed to give your current vendor.  Give notice to your current service provider (if any) in written that you wish to end your agreement with them.

    Prepare a detailed inventory of all the documents or request the same from current service provider that need to be uploaded to new online record management system.  Communicate and negotiate all expectations with new service provider.

    Step 3 – Letting your new vendor manage the transfer
     The Project Manager from Docusaver (new record management system) will coordinate for logistics and the transfer of data. The client can decide how involved they would like to be in the transfer, although most request weekly updates until it is complete. Docusaver professional will digitally scan each and every record/document using latest scanners and OCR the file to make it text searchable, compress the file for quick preview. Rename each file as per standard nomenclature. At-last upload it to the Docusaver account. Upon completion, Docusaver will provide you a detailed inventory and help to identify any unsolved divergences that you’ll need to fix up. Docusaver will provide a log in Id and password of new account for anytime document access which can be used to review the data.


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