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    Getting rid of excess paper from an organization will not only make  an employee feel light  as if they have got rid of  weight from their shoulder but  clear desk, will create the feel good factor of efficient and productive work environment. Apart from this will make your documents become reachable anywhere, anytime at few clicks of a mouse and employees can easily find the desired information when required.


    How can it be done?

     By implementing a document management system. Here are some ways to turn your traditional File Storage cabinets and desk drawers into a well-organized and contemporary way of document management system that will manage your digital documents.


    What is a document management system (DMS)?

    A modern day DMS is a cloud services based  electronic document management system providing file sharing and document sharing facility to manage, store and keep track of your electronic documents like images, documents, videos or any other form of recorded information. Digital Documents (and sometimes images) are held in a single repository that simplifies managing and retrieving the files when necessary.

     Many DMS like Docusaver provide add on Document scanning service with their state of the art Digital Scanners to convert your hard copy paper document in high resolution digitized images.


    How will it benefit my organization?

    An effective DMS helps the organization to organized document in a better way making it easier to store and share information between peer groups thus increase the productivity of the organization. An efficient DMS also helps to collaborate, take decision and assist to speed up the business process cycle which is not possible with traditional paper file.

    Good DMS also help your business enterprise in reducing the cost in terms of space used for document storage, loss of business opportunity due to late work and man hour wasted in searching misplaced document. Above all there will be saving in copying and printing expenses.

    Bettered customer servicing is another byproduct of a good DMS. Digital files are at the fingertips of all work forces so customer inquiries can be responded more effectively and quickly. There may also be a savings in printing and copying expenses and less need for onsite and offsite file storage space


    How can you get started with a DMS?

    Docusaver are master in this business they can provide excellent information on the Document Management System and its benefits that will suit your requirement and within your budget. Consult with Docusaver to determine how a DMS can help your organization to take quick and better-informed business decisions and increase employee productivity.

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