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    Need of the Hour - Email Archiving

    In today’s date emails has become one of the most important part of the business communication. Emails has been used as quick and reliable tool to share and spread news by organizations across the world. On the flip side the dependency on email as primary mode of communication has raise the concern about storage and security issues, many number of business enterprises have taken special measures to maintain records of all emails for a certain number of years. Thus email archiving has proved to be the way to manage businesses information management.

    Email backup service in new Zealand which is also spelled as e-mail archiving is a periodic and systematic process to protect and save the data contained in email messages so that it can be easily retrieve at a later stage if require. Earlier many organizations often rely upon the end-users to preserve their own personal e-mail archives. Later IT department will take care of these bulk email backup, but these archived email messages are not searchable so quick search is not possible in this case and users are depend upon IT people to retrieve them back. Modern day applications based email backup in New  Zealand allow IT administrator to manage large chunk of e-mail archives efficiently, even an end user can manage his/her own emails without any technical knowledge and still meet the compliance. This helps to free up disk space on the production servers and speed up backup time of its own periodically. These policy based software include search and indexing ability, provide logs in the event an e-mail is processed, and a lifecycle management component, which acts as kind of a traffic cop for all e-mail coming in to the company.

    The main objectives of email archives are:
    1.    Compliance with Regulation. Email-data must be save and readily available as per the norms of government agencies like CFTC, FDA and HIPPA in US.
    Email compliance is based on three main pillars:
    a.    Data permanence
    b.    Data security
    c.    Audit- ability

    2.    Litigation Support.  In the matter of litigation support, email messages can be retrieved quickly as demanded by the court of law to submit information and a history of the email to prove the authenticity, relevant to the case.  At times the cost of re-developing the information for litigation can be prodigious and might outweigh the damages demanded in the law suit.

    3.    Storage costs. The increase in email usage as well as the relative growth in email size has also affected the efficiency, reliability and speed of message servers. It is estimated that, one in every four organizations facing storage management growth in excess of 25% per year thus leads to the increase in storage cost as well.

    4.    Knowledge management. According to a research it has been found that enterprise email server counts to be 75% of the corporate knowledge repository. Archived email act as knowledge bank as this make the user more productive if utilized efficiently.


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