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    6 Good reasons to outsource Information Management like Document Management System

    According to latest research it has been discovered that “the quantity of unstructured data and documents in any organization is rising by 30% per year” and most enterprises operate on a reactive basis rather than proactive especially when they confronted with challenge of data explosion. To tackle this problem few organizations have develop their in-house ad hoc documents management software but as they lack research and expertise to build a record management program that can meet modern-day requirement and be future ready. As a result they end up with a rife document management system with non-standard approaches and hidden process inefficiencies. This leads to miss out the cost & benefits of Document Management System.

    To overcome this hurdle enterprise can outsource this to a third party who has proven their expertise in this domain and acts as a knowledge partner with the enterprise. These knowledge partners add leverage to your business; they can quickly help your business to achieve a new level of information management potentiality without a major advance investment in skills, hardware and software.
    Here are 6 reasons that can help you to take decision on outsourcing information management like Document Management System.

    1.    Eradicate the requirement of upfront Investment: A modern day DMS requires investment in terms of procuring and maintenance of hardware infrastructure and Software. Records Management Company in Auckland like Docusaver operates on pay per usage model so you have to pay nominal monthly subscription only for the service you wish to choose and reduce your liability.

    2.    Get an expert to tame the paper monster:  With document management as core business, these partners done deep research on how to manage documents and gain expertise based on millions of case studies and customer engagements. They have developed best business practices and methodology that suits your business. Apart from that their technician are well trained to deal with sensitive documents.

    3.    Ready to use: Cloud based Document Management Company in NZ like Docusaver services are ready to use and doesn’t require any add on time to install or customize the DMS. This adds value for your time and increases productivity of your enterprise immediately. Outsourcing firms usually have solid, practiced, and swift setup routines, and can start the scanning process quickly.

    4.    In-house Document scanning for data security: Docusaver is one of the service provider that give door step Document scanning and Document management that means your document will never leaves the security of the owner’s facility thus risk of losing a valuable information is mitigated.

    5.    Reliable 24 X 7 customer services: Apart from state of the art document management service Docusaver provide technical support on 24 X 7 bases to help out its customers via phone, chat and email ticketing system.

    6.    Does not require any skill to use DMS: This DMS doesn’t require any special skills to get expertise, if one know how to operate an email then he/she can use this. That mean enterprise don’t have to invest any time in training and upgrading the skills of their employees to make them ready to use this.

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