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    Email Backup Service - Backup your Business or Personal Email Effortlessly

    In this age of digital convergence business entrepreneur are getting more practical and proactive when it comes to disaster recovery, even small entrepreneur realize the importance of backing up business communication as they engage with number of customers, vendors, creditors, employees, Govt agencies and share holders but the cost involves with such technology push entrepreneur to take a back step and they knowingly put their business in a risk. Other then this there is a recurring cost as they need a support team for maintenance of these hardware and software.

    Answer to all the worries is cloud based email backup service said president of most trusted IT body in USA name Institute of IT Professionals (IITP). ”Cloud based email backup service in NZ recover business email more rapidly in the situation of  business disruption, and it provides a second layer of data security in the event that an equipment failure has struck onsite backup resources”. There are very few reliable email backup service provider in New Zealand but Docusaver has establish itself as business leader within a short span of time.

    How Docusaver works?

    This service help you to backup your personal/business e-mail data, thus it make an assurance that emails & its associated data is intact even when there’s an email outage. All you have to do is to type-in your email credentials one time at  to authorize for a schedule automated backup every day. Users can back up their email data at flat fee. An unlimited storage backup plan cost only $ 7.50 per month including GST.

    Here are the reasons that help Docusaver proud to be a leader in Asia-Pacific region:

    1. Docusaver give full respect to the client privacy: Docusaver has no access to the stored data that it manages on their server on the other hand users can access to their email data on 24 X 7 bases, which helps them recover and migrate email data anytime and anywhere.
    2. Docusaver provides secure storage with multi-factor encrypted password: Docusaver make use of the most reliable servers, Amazon Web Services to back emails on their servers. Amazon S3 encrypts each object with a unique key. As an additional safeguard, it encrypts the key itself with a master key that it frequently changes. Thus uses one of the strongest block ciphers 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) available, to encrypt all data. 
    3. 2 step automated email backup: Docusaver provide one of the easy to use bulk email back up so that even a non technical person can use this. They have 150 email configurations pre-loaded for POP and IMAP and compatible with major email service provider like Xtra, Vodafone,  Orcon, Telstra, Yahoo, Gmail, AIM mail, Zoho mail, Outlook and Slingshot.

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I wanted to drop you a feedback about your support team. I am an industry veteran for 15 years and now managing a Marketing Team. I am enjoying the services of Docusaver from last 6 months. I am writing to you to let you know that your customer support unit is one of the best I have deal with. Please pass a BIG THANK YOU to your support team from my end for helping me on weekend. I am happy to be a part of Docusaver family.



Thank you Docusaver team for a high quality service. You provide the ease in my life, now I can access my document anytime and above all it give me freedom to share them with my business partners. Continue performing precisely what you are doing, as you have gained a faithful customer with me. I can not thank you enough for your excellent service.



Document scanning services from Docusaver meets my expectations wisely by providing high resolution Document Scanning Service at my door step. I love you guys for providing me an easy and effective way to manage my documents.


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