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    Docusaver -- Help Organization to Attain Its Full Potency by Outsourcing Document Scanning

    Docusaver is one of the leading brands in Auckland, New Zealand for its high quality and low cost document scanning services. Since inception, they have carved a name for them self, by providing their customers with the best in class scanning solutions in a wide variety of formats and with fast turnaround time. They work with a business motto to provide world class quality service for first time and every time. They are serving the business needs of NZ based SME, free lancers and corporate, helping them to achieve digitization empowerment by using skilled technicians and the latest scanners.
    Why organizations invest in document scanning?
    By converting your hardcopy documents into digital formats, your organization can:
    •    Easily search the information: Easily search and retrieve the information with a click of button, or else one has to dig there head in piles of document to find out the required information.
    •    Reduce the space needed for storage: A smart digital vault can store 15000 documents in just 350 Mb of digital space.
    •    Preserve important information: Organization can create an archive of old information and preserve them for a long period of time.
    •    Easily share data/information: One can easily duplicate, share or spread information in digital format with a click of button.
    Why Docusaver document scanning services is different from the rest
    •    We can scan any type of document type i.e manuals, records, handwritten notes, receipts, legal files, images and accounting sheets.
    •    We offer full-text OCR indexing.
    •     We can deliver the scanned documents in any type of file format for eg:  PDF, TIFF, JPEG or PNG.
    •    We offer scanning services in both black & white and color format as per user requirement.
    •    Docusaver digital imaging services include, manual indexing as well as automatic indexing.
    •    We provide door step service for Document scanning service at your premises just to maintain the privacy and security of your documents.
    Docusaver follows 5 step document scanning process to make sure your digital document is accurate and up to the mark.
    1.    Organizing the documents:  we meticulously arrange your paper documents in an systematic order to make the document scanning process fast and accurate.
    2.    Scanning the documents: We deploy high-speed state of the art scanners to scan document and make sure that your documents are OCR searchable.
    3.    Compress the documents: After scanning we compress your digital scan documents to make the file size smaller for quicker preview.
    4.    Rename the documents: We rename each file manually for easy search and previewing.
    5.    Upload the documents on Docusaver server: If requested by customer, we upload the documents on the Docusaver cloud server account so that our customers stay organized and paperless.


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I wanted to drop you a feedback about your support team. I am an industry veteran for 15 years and now managing a Marketing Team. I am enjoying the services of Docusaver from last 6 months. I am writing to you to let you know that your customer support unit is one of the best I have deal with. Please pass a BIG THANK YOU to your support team from my end for helping me on weekend. I am happy to be a part of Docusaver family.



Thank you Docusaver team for a high quality service. You provide the ease in my life, now I can access my document anytime and above all it give me freedom to share them with my business partners. Continue performing precisely what you are doing, as you have gained a faithful customer with me. I can not thank you enough for your excellent service.



Document scanning services from Docusaver meets my expectations wisely by providing high resolution Document Scanning Service at my door step. I love you guys for providing me an easy and effective way to manage my documents.


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