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    Common Myths & Facts about Document Management Service

    Q. What if we don’t have any internet connection at times in our office?

    Ans. Our service is mainly online & cloud based document management where as we also have option to access offline using Document Management Offline application so now you can access your document and files without internet even while flying in a plane. As per our experience, offline access can increase the overall efficiency of organizations significantly.

    Q. I am not a tech savvy and have no time to learn complex technology?

    Ans. Docusaver’s one of the USP over other DMS is easy to learn & use. We have design this tool in such a way that anybody with basic computer knowledge can master it so If you know how to send and receive emails then you can master our DMS in no time.

    Q. We are new business and our budget doesn’t allow us to go with any expensive commitment?

    Ans. Many of our start up clients go happy when we inform Docusaver services is ridiculously reasonable and start’s from 15 $ /month. Above that we don’t bound our customer in type of contract. They just stay with us for the awesome product and excellent service.

    Q. We are already well organized and we don’t need any Document Management Service.

    Ans. No Doubt you are managing your documents well but like most cases you can’t find when you need it most. To support this let me share an incident. At initial stages of our launch I offered our product to my builder friend he is quite organized businessmen. As this question states he argued that his documents are well-organized in old school filling cabinet. Just to test how organized he is, I asked him where you buy files and folder from. He replied from warehouse stationary he also added mostly we buy once a year in bulk. I requested him to share that invoice with me… he agreed and started looking for it. Nearly after 20 min he said I don’t know where it is and maybe it is not filled in right folder. Guess what….. He is one of our premium customers now and after we migrated him to our DMS he did find that invoice in less than 60 seconds

    Q. I don’t think we really require any Document Management Service.

    Ans: It's very important to Do it right at first time. You might think you don’t require any DMS as you are still small or you don’t have much documents to secure but you always require professional services like Docusaver to compete with giants in your fields and help you to be business leaders. We always say if it is worth storing then it is worth securing.

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I wanted to drop you a feedback about your support team. I am an industry veteran for 15 years and now managing a Marketing Team. I am enjoying the services of Docusaver from last 6 months. I am writing to you to let you know that your customer support unit is one of the best I have deal with. Please pass a BIG THANK YOU to your support team from my end for helping me on weekend. I am happy to be a part of Docusaver family.



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