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    The Advent of Technology that Will Make Few Gadgets “Rest in Peace”

    We live in era of 21 century that has been witness accelerating technological change. In other words we can say that technological advancements in recent years have made some once popular gadgets almost obsolete. Technology is like human body. New technology develop, penetrate in market when niche, get mature and ultimately phased out. Many of today's school going kids might have never seen or used a video tape or a floppy disc. In other words we can say that technology has a fixation to exchange obsolete with contemporary, old with new and obtuse with smart. This is one of the main reasons, a technology that facilitated human lives at a point of time; give direction for something brighter and better superior descendents. Perfect example for this is vinyl records and cassettes gave way to the mp3 players and further mp3 players have been replaced by mobile apps, advent of GPS devices has nearly wiped out the market of printed map, landlines phones have been replace by pager and mobile phones. Compact digital camera and camcorders have been replaced by smart phones. Here are a few other products that are at the age of decline and soon will phase out.  Now we will analyze 5 gadgets that will be out of vogue in coming future and might get fade out soon.


    We have been born and bought up with typing on keyboards but now intelligent voice recognition software like Ok Google and Siri have evolve very well. They can run a computer or mobile on voice command. In near future it won’t be a fiction if our computing device will be responding to body gestures and motions. This will make the keyboard out of trend, and instead of typing the story, we will voice them onto the computing device.

    Media Players

    In today’s date no one plays DVDs and CDs on conventional media players. As CD and DVD get wear and tear with time and one has to make a collection on traditional media. Everyone prefers to use online streaming device like Apple Tv, Itunes, Google Tv and Chrome Cast.  New age gadgets have sealed the fate of DVD and CD.

    Hard drives

    With almost all new application like document management system, data backup, PC backup and email backup being built for cloud network from the commencement, it is predicted by Global Technology Outlook that by 2016 over a quarter of all applications (around 48 million) will be available on the cloud .

    With  things like music, videos, documents  moving to Cloud based storage will decline the sales of traditional storage techniques Cloud-based storage allows all data to be stored on there servers and give you the freedom to access you data on 24 x7 basis from any part of the world with internet connection. With everything going digital, Cloud computing will be future soon, and we will manage our data using a Cloud-based app," explains Sunny Chawla of Docusaver.

    Traditional Car keys

    traditional car keys have already started the ear of phasing out. They have been replaced by smart keys, that give you the option of keyless entry and start on and off the engine of your car with key in pocket. These smart keys have add-on secure chip that cannot be duplicated easily. Many car companies are working on mobile phone app and this will replace the smart keys as well. In future you just need your smart phone to get access to your car.

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