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    Improve Your Business Success Rate With A Business Continuity Plan - Cloud Backup

    All business entities operate in the world of uncertainties.The ability of the business to sustain in long term depends how decision makers of a business handle these uncertain factors. Contingency planning is one of the methodologies to mediate the effect. It is a course of action designed to help an enterprise reactefficaciously to a situation or aninevitable interruptions that may or may not occur. Contingency planning has 3 important components known as business continuity, disaster recovery and risk management. A business thrives when it's ahead of the curve and survives when it can withstand unexpected disruptions.

    In contemporary world business data is crucial to small and large organization. No business entity can sustain without data. Taking a backup on magnetic tapes is not reliable anymore. For the very same reason, it's not surprising that many big organizations have invested in business continuity and disaster recovery planning. They are turning to cloud backup and other cloud storage services to secure business critical data as a part of contingency plan. Implementing a robust disaster recovery strategy and secure data backup plan can always give them an edge over their competitors. According to a research done year 2014 it has been found that enterprises that do not have any backup strategy plan have been forced to shut down within a yearof experiencing a disaster like flood, earthquake, tsunami or hurricanes.

    In recent past contingency planninghelpedbig organization to save themselves from inevitable circumstances.As a part of contingencyplanning strategy, a contingency planner first refers to thecompanies'disaster recovery and business continuity plan which include the key metrics like recovery time objective (RTO)  and recovery point objective (RPO) for various business processes like customer order, payment received, inventory in order.

    Big organizationhave enormous resource to shield themselves  with disaster recovery but this is not possible with small and medium companies as they have limited resource and they can’t invest in in-house cloud storage or they cant afford a dedicated technical team to manage and implement same, so they cant enjoy the benefitsof cloud backup services.

    Docusaverhave come up with a innovative solution of cloud backup as a part of contingency planning for small and medium companies at a cost efficient price with SLA of more than 99%. They have design their system to help small business from unforeseen setbacks, especially in terms of data recovery. According to a leading tech magazine many small companies have utilize the benefits of using Docusaver cloud backup services as they have simples process of implementing cloud backup. With a few click of mouse one can take a backup and above all they don’t have to do this periodically. Anyone can schedule a backup and it will create a copy of your files or folders on Docusaver's server of its own.

    The base line is that every organization need a comprehensive & secure data backup plan  is essential for the longevity of business. Meanwhile, cloud providers like Docusaver continue to give security and insuranceto your business.

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