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    Future of Business - Cloud Backup

    Managing and securing data using most efficient and secure technology is one of main agendas of CIO of any enterprise. All roads lead to cloud backup services for secure and reliable storage & backup solutions. Cloud storage is storing the application and data over the internet, rather than on conventional hard drives. According to the Forbes magazine cloud computing is the next “big thing” in this decade. Forbes Magazine stated that, “55% of organization anticipate cloud computing will enable them to have new business models in next three years.”   This signifies that, it is expected that many business organization will be establishing moderate-to-heavy cloud infrastructure in near future. Few organizations are planning to launch new business models that will help them to streamline their supply chains and provide platforms like online backup to more skillfully manage the data.

    Here are few interesting facts & figures reported by Silicon Angle, are worthy to keep a note as entrepreneurs will align their business model in order to implement and encash the benefits of cloud network.

    By the end of 2018, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will be 59% of the total cloud workloads, nearly 41% raise since 2013.

    25% enterprises participated in survey show interest in online backup solutions and wish to switch over to cloud if only one application have to be moved to cloud.

    In 2015, the total expenditure on cloud services was more than $180 billion.

    In year 2014, businesses in U.S. have expended over $13 billion on cloud hosting and computing services.

    According to some estimates in next 5 years, there will be a 44% annual growth in cloud based services and “on-premise” computing will witness a marginal growth of 8.9%.

    Nearly 82% of enterprises have claimed that they have saved money after moving to the cloud.

    More than 60% of medium and large enterprises have deployed online backup or cloud services for IT-related tasks.

    Nearly 80% of cloud users claimed efficiency in business process in first 6 months of carrying out the cloud or employing a data backup service.

    Of those surveyed, 60% of businesses include the cloud when creating IT budgets.

    Roughly 1 Exabyte of data is stored in the cloud.

    Nearly 50% of survey res-ponders claims that their business presently store confidential data & sensitive information in the cloud.


    Predicting the shift in technology, Docusaver have come up with state of art computer backup service on cloud. This will have phenomenal impact on your business as this can be used for data storage, online backup, disaster recovery and other cloud needs. Their services not only secure and help the end user to save money, this service will boost compliance and flexibility of your business.

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