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    Digital Document Management Solutions and its Types

    Digital document organizer software is one of the leading methods to manage the content in the organization. This was basically born out of the demand to manage ever increasing quantity of information being created inside the enterprises post industrial revolution.

    Document management is designed to assist entire enterprise to manage the scanning, creation, storage, retrieval, tracking and expiry of business information stored inside the documents. A digital document organizer work around a centrally located repository of information, used to manage all type of digital files that could be of value to the organization - and protect the same against data loss.

    There are various types of digital document organizer available in the market - but 'best among them' will boast the following characteristics:

    • Focused mainly on managing paper in digital format, though they are often capable of managing other file types like images, audio files, video files etc.

    • Each document (information) is self-contained and can be shared easily within the system.

    • Digital document management solutions follows a proper nomenclature for the documents stored inside it and digital documents are tagged or color coded according to the group they belong to.

     • It focuses mainly on archiving and storage of document which also include document expiry.

    • It also includes workflow for integrating business processes into the management of the documents.

    • Majorly it support all document format but mainly it store file in pdf format

    • Document access may be restricted at a folder or document level - and other security models like password protection may be applied in needed.

    Major types of  Document Management Systems available in market are:

    If you decide that your organization would benefit from document organizer software, there are a variety of choices and prices available. In general, we can break up digital document organizer into three types:

        Photocopier- and Scanner-Bundled Systems

    Many freelance practioners and small enterprenurs believe that file naming conventions and image and PDF management that come free with scanner can be utilized as document organizer. These document organizer software tool integrate with the hardware but can only manage files created on the stand alone system. The problem with these systems is that they are

     (a) Manual need to rename every document

     (b) Depend on accurate input from end users

    (c) No data backup feature in real time, if computer system HDD crash due to virus or get stolen. Whole data will be lost.

    (d) Offer very limited capabilities in comparison with a modern day document organizer software.

    2. Enterprise-Level Systems

    These are robust, sophisticated systems usually have a strong database i.e: Oracle or Microsoft SQL as a backend. They have client server based architecture, offer robust and fast service and tend to be more expensive compare to other type of document organizer software. Due to the use of client package on the workstation, the refinement of the interface can be more customized and lead to easier development of sophisticated integration. Enterprise-level systems include the advanced features listed above, and some are even tailored according to the need of to particular industries like accounting firms or legal.

    3. Cloud based System

    This system makes use of software that run on the host system and permits the user of the system to operate using a link over the internet. SaaS platforms like Google Apps and store documents online, on hosted servers, as opposed to on traditional internal file servers. The user data is stored on the host server rather than on the server located on the user office.  They are not sold as software package but charge on the monthly subscription basis.

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