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    Confuse About Backup - Which One Suits You Most?

    Computing device are part of our daily life and at times we take them for granted, we assume that they won’t go bad at all but the fact is computers are not only subject to wear and tear but there are number of things, that can render them useless at any point of time. Hard drives crash, operating systems might get corrupted. Apart from that there are conventional calamities like floods, fires and earthquakes.  

    In any event of a theft, computer crash, virus attack or natural calamity, your data – files, songs, photos, videos, settings, everything stored on your computer drive – can be lost in the blink of an eye. To avoid such situation one should make sure to back up the data on regular basis. Here are three best strategies to take a back up of the data and keep it protective.

    1.      Manual Backup: This is one of the easiest and cheapest way of data backup. Rather than investing money on back software, user can choose to spend your money on a pen drive or portable hard drive and back up specific files and folders manually by hand. USB drives are not only inexpensive tools for taking a back up small chunk of data but they are comfortable for transferring files from one place to another. They’re inexpensive and easy to use, and they install automatically.

    On the negative side, flash drive or portable hard drives are not reliable way of taking a backup; they can get corrupted easily and get infected by virus attack. Apart from that taking a backup on flash drive is a tedious job to take a backup each and every time with zero reliability.

    2.      Backup Software: The other main option to take a backup is to install specialized software on the computer machine. These data backup tools help user to take a back up or duplicate important data on computer device.   This data can be easily recovered in the event of user error, hard drive failure, disaster or accident.  Software applications that handle the process of creating the backup point, taking a backup and restoring files, directories, databases or entire hard drives are also referred to as disaster recovery tools. Some of the major backup software’s are Symantec Backup Exec, Norton Ghost, TotalRecovery Pro and Acronis True Image.

    Backup software are more effective compare to the manual backup as it has the option of differential and incremental,  automatic backup but it has major downside that backup software create the backup image on same computer or on the network server. Major concern is what will happen in the natural calamity like fire, flood, earthquake or theft? Data backed up at the same location will be lost and there is no backup plan for such scenario. In short, traditional backup software is a strong option for most people but not 100 % effective.

    3.      Cloud Storage: Up till few years back, cloud storage was limited to large companies for storing millions of files in online servers but with availability of reliable third party host servers, cloud based computer backup can now easily access by individuals and startup entrepreneurs. In this method data is back up to a remote, cloud-based server. These clouds based best backup software service enable individuals to store their data file on cloud server, rather than storing the data locally on a tape  or hard drive.

    Cloud storage is not only reliable but secure as no other person can access the data as data is stored in encrypted form.

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