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    5 Productive Tools Small Businesses Must Have in 2016

    Being a startup entrepreneur can be tough, as roadblocks crop up one can never thought off. For example incompetent manpower, tight time schedule and limited budgets can be the reason for decline in productivity and reduce the overall work efficiency. With right productive tools and manpower, entrepreneurs can easily attain the business potential. As we know that time is money, with right tool SMEs can down the unproductive work from the daily KRAs. Below is a list of 5 tools that small business owners can utilize in 2016 to increase the overall work efficiency.

    Evernote: These days, Evernote is famous among individuals and professionals and good reason for same is: This powerful mobile based app aid every team member to stay organized across all the devices. This app Sync across computers and phones and help user to organize their thoughts not just in form of a series of notes; but it helps user to Collaborate ideas in a single workspace.

    Eventually, this online tool helps the user to be more organized in your tasks and plans. Use Evernote to digitize paper and pen notes, documents and other files so that you can toss them into respective project notebooks or save them as per user choice.

    AgileZen: Although commonly perceived that this tool is most effective in software development, real fact is Agilezen is not only good for organizing and setting the priority job in software development but this is useful for many other office-related tasks. It helps the user to see the big picture, while staying concentered on the task at hand.

    HR can use this took for recruiting while the customer services personnel can track issues and response times through it. An ideal way to manage assorted type of tasks in any organization, AgileZen is based on the Kanban concept to help you see the progress of your projects in columns.

    Google Analytics: With a new online business, it’s all about the stats and numbers. One has to analyze lots of parameters like which platform is creating traffic for your site? From where majority of that traffic is coming? How to track the target audience and what are the key demographics? Answers to these question plays an important role in the success of online startup, and tracking them correctly is not an easy task. Google analytics is a freemium tool using this entrepreneur can check where their best visitors are located, the percentage differences in traffic drivers, check real time visitors, set the goal need to be achieved for a particular period, bounce rate on the basis of day, week, month, or year. 

    Asana: Asana publicizes itself as a small team software-as-a-service productivity tool    designed to improve team collaboration and achieve great result, helping everyone on the project to stay organized and updated. Asana help the user to move work from start to finish by keeping tasks, projects, dashboards and conversations and in one spot, check the progress of the project without sending an email or scheduling a status meeting, meet deadlines, run productive meetings, and track everything—whether sales leads, tickets or job applicants.

    Docusaver: From critical business data to family photos, Docusaver’s online backup service help the user to save their most important digital files, automatically and continuously on the cloud server. Just install it on your home or home-office computer and our software will take it from there. Although there are many online backup companies available in market but Docusaver SaaS based service stand itself out of the crowd due to its unique features.

    1.    Simplicity and security: even a naïve can operate this tool without any special training.

    Transparent and easy-to-use management tools.

    Superior levels of security & encryption to protect valuable data.

    Affordable price and scalable infrastructure.

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